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/ Adjustment jaw crusher discharge mouth

Time: 2016-05

Jaw crusher is the earliest kind of crushing equipment, because of its simple structure, easy to operate, reliable, easy maintenance, etc., has been the darling of mining crushing industry, Joyal  jaw crusher is a prime example.

Liner jaw crusher ore at work under constant wear and tear, so that the discharge opening width is gradually increased. The discharge opening width directly affects the jaw crusher productivity, power consumption and wear of the breaker plate, so that the machine Joyal Capital timely adjust the width of the discharge opening is necessary.


1, shimming

Its principle is between the rear seat and the thrust plate frame rear wall into a set of equal thickness of the spacer, the use of increasing or decreasing the number of spacer layers, to make the crusher discharge mouth decreases or increases the goal of. Such adjustment device is simple and compact structure, weight increase much, therefore, very suitable for large and medium-sized jaw crusher.

2, wedge adjustment

Rotation of the nut on the bolt, the adjusting wedge along the back wall of the rack for moving up or down, the front drive wedges move forward or backward, thus promoting the movable jaw thrust plate or to reach the port of discharge adjustment purpose. This method is easy to adjust, save time, without stopping to adjust, but increases the machine’s size and weight, medium and small jaw crusher is often used such adjustment means.

3, hydraulic adjustment

Installation of hydraulic cylinders driven in this position to adjust the discharge mouth, jaw crusher with hydraulic safety device, both reliable and secure, and easy troubleshooting. Link on this crusher is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder and piston and cylinder coupled to the upper portion of the connecting rod, piston and the thrust bearing plate convergence.

During normal operation, the fuel tank filled with oil pressure, the piston and the cylinder is equivalent to a whole link. When the crushing chamber into the non-broken objects, link the force increases rapidly, a sudden increase in hydraulic pressure within the cylinder, open the flow valve, the pressure oil is squeezed out, the piston and the cylinder is released. At this time, although still with the rotation of the cylinder rod eccentric shaft moves up and down, but the piston rod does not move, so the thrust plate and moving jaw nor swing, play the role of a safety device.

The above-mentioned three ways to meet the needs of the port of discharge adjustment, Joyal Capital as mining machinery equipment enterprises, knowledge of the jaw crusher is familiar, and the production of jaw crusher is more complete models to meet your individual kinds of needs.

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